Courses with Purgatory Pie Press


Tuesdays, Nov 25 - Dec 16, 6:30-9:30PM
Shoestring Press, 663 Classon Av, Brooklyn, NY
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Wednesdays, Oct 29 - Dec 10, 6-9 PM
25 Broadway (Bowling Green) New York, NY 10004

Esther K Smith at Proteus Gowanus

Come fold dollars into rings and elephants and other things at
543 Union Street, #1C | Brooklyn, NY 11215
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An Introduction to Letterpress with Dikko Faust
School of Visual Arts
Tuesdays, Jan 27 - Apr 21, 6:30-9:30PM

Letterpress is versatile and adaptable, and mixes easily with other printmaking processes. Through hand typesetting vintage metal and wood typefaces, students will gain a broader understanding of typography. Printing blocks and plates range from completely manual, hand-cut and collaged, to digital photopolymer plates. Accurate color registration is simple and easy. The image can range from hard edge to feathered and painterly, and the relief impression adds a third dimension. Operation and maintenance of different kinds of letterpress is included. Sessions begin with a demonstration followed by studio time to work on projects that range from type-based graphic designs to fine art limited editions.

Letterpress Image and Text with Dikko Faust
School of Visual Arts
Wednesdays, Jan 28- Apr 22, 6:30-9:30PM

This course will explore the many-image making possibilities available through letterpress printing. Metal and wood type will be used for text; photo-polymer plates, linoleum and woodcuts, collage prints, collagraphs, and even the letterforms themselves will be incorporated for creating images. Students will learn to create photo-polymer plates from digital files and print using traditional letterpress equipment. Multiple-color printing, pinpoint registration and several easy book forms will be covered.


Past courses

Artist Books with Esther K. Smith
Cooper Union

Explore simple bookbinding from Eastern and early Western traditions. Make ten books from start to finish. Make individual and collaborative books, unique books and small editions. Book structures include simple sewn pamphlets, stab stitch, accordions, long-stitch and coptic bindings--Plus origami-based books, basic pop-ups, hexaflexagons, magic wallets, and other paper toys. See the work of contemporary book artists. Discuss how you can publish and distribute your own artist book. This class will include a field trip.


Have Purgatory Press teach a class at your organization! Sample classes:

Cake Box Books—Esther K Smith — Pop Art meets book arts!
A delightful introduction to longstitch binding, which you can also use with leather.
You can bring some old leather pants to recycle. Warning: grocery shopping will never be the same.
And you’ll never throw away another box.

Magic Books and Paper Toys—Esther K Smith
Amaze your friends with an array of tricky bookforms from a myriad of traditions: hexiflexigons, magic
wallets, simple popups, origami-based forms, exquisite corpses, woven pockets, animations,
concertina-based flip/flaps, jewelry books, etc. Learn these easy structures, making quick models, and
then make them into finished pieces using collage materials, stickers, buttons and beads, etc.

Letterpress Printing—Dikko Faust
Learn to set wood and metal type by hand. Set a page, a postcard or a whole book. Print on a variety of hand-and machine-made papers. Courses available for beginners and experienced students.

Experimental Printmaking on the Letterpress—Dikko Faust
Edition images from a variety of traditional and experimental plates: photopolymer, wood and linoleum cut, collagraph, texture plates. Learn to incorporate a variety of materials into your work, such as lace, sandpaper, grass, you name it—if it fits on the letterpress we can print it!

Hands-On History of Typography—Dikko Faust
When is a font not a font? Where is the lead in leading?
Learn typographic history by experience as you hand-set type and print it on the letterpress. Moveable type ended the Dark Ages and ushered in the Renaissance, the industrial revolution, and literacy for the people.

Instant Artist Books—Esther K Smith
Make ten books from start to finish. Explore simple bookbinding from Eastern and Early Western traditions
Make individual and collaborative books, unique books and small editions—even popups! See the work of
contemporary book artists. and discuss how you can publish and distribute your own Artist Books.

Purgatory Pie Press | Dikko Faust & Esther K Smith
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