Too late to sign up for this term.
Registration opens mid- December. 
Classes begin again January 2020.

Letterpress: Modular Pattern weekend workshop

Saturday, Sunday 10:00pm - 3:30 pm
Nov 16 - Nov 17
133/141 W 21st St, New York, NY
2 Sessions, 1.00 CEUs
This hands-on workshop will focus on letterpress relief printing techniques. Students will be setting metal type, type ornaments, and found and made pieces. In addition to studio work we will view historical examples of this art form that include archeological, architectural, vernacular weaving, bricklaying and tiling. We will continue this tradition with modular pieces from the printshop, as well as found and made type-high hardware. Experiments will include moiré, interference, shifted and pinwheel prints, ink transparency and color overlay. The first day focuses on group patterns; the second day concentrates on individual projects.
NOTE: All levels welcome; some letterpress or relief printmaking experience is helpful, but not required.

Too late to sign up for this class this term. Classes begin again January 2020.

Letterpress: An Introduction

Registration start at Dec 2019
133/141 W 21st St, New York, NY
12 Sessions, 3.50 CEUs
Link (2019 Fall Term)

Letterpress is versatile and adaptable, and mixes easily with other printmaking processes. Through hand typesetting vintage metal and wood typefaces, students will gain a broader understanding of typography. Printing blocks and plates range from completely manual, hand-cut and collaged, to digital photopolymer plates. Accurate color registration is simple and easy. The image can range from hard edge to feathered and painterly, and the relief impression adds a third dimension. Operation and maintenance of different kinds of letterpress is included. Sessions begin with a demonstration followed by studio time to work on projects that range from type-based graphic designs to fine art limited editions. Previous printmaking experience is not required.